fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery

Fine Artist Rudolf Megert

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Online Art Gallery with Biography, Acrylic Paintings Images, Pencil Drawing Artwork

fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art galleryy
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery

The online art gallery exhibition has 3 painting styles categories:

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Portraits / Fantasy Faces

acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, clay sculpture

Abstract / Experimental

acrylic paintings,
oil painting


acrylic paintings,
pencil drawings
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery

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fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery

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fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
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fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery

Welcome and thanks for visiting my online art gallery of fine art work.
I proudly present here my acrylic paintings, color and pencil drawings as well as my creative artistic web page design capabilities and my exclusive and unsurpassed SCIENTIFIC fully professional Astrological Advice.
My art work was done a bit all over the world.

Biography of Artist and Astrologer Rudolf Megert

Born on the Lake of Zuerich in Switzerland to a father working in wood constructions for buildings and raised a bit everywhere and nowhere within the german speaking north eastern "Kantons" of Switzerland where sophisticated artistic life styles weren't as common as in the more fancy central Kantons of Switzerland I woke up one fine morning before I was even 10 years old asking myself the question "what will I become later on in life?".
Coming from a long family history of wood craftsmen I then naturally knew of not much more then craftsmen work.
Did I also want to work with wood? No, my father was always dusty from sawn wood, that wasn't my thing.
Working with stones, earth brick or such? No, just not imaginative enough for me.
Working with colors and paint things? Yes, that was my thing already back then. So, once at the appropriate age I would start an apprenticeship and get "house painter education a la Switzerland". After 3 years I graduated in this, but it wasn't really satisfying to work with whites and eggshell colors and lots of harsh chemicals all the time in a physically demanding job.
Shortly thereafter my then girlfriend dragged me with her to Israel, she wanted some Kibbutz experience. It turned out to be a rather good move for me. The short working hours and the easy infrastructure of this lifestyle gave me all of a sudden a lot of spare time. I started to fill it with creativity. My first works where all with clay, abstract self portrait in clay a material very popular in Israel at that time. Fantasy figures and pipes was what I formed back then, so we could smoke the popular haschisch in it back then, now almost 30 years ago. Soon thereafter I started also to make first drawings and sketches of the pipes or figures I wanted to create and the drawing became more and more important to me. one of my first attempt in drawing
Here comes the birth of the painter Rudolf Megert into play.
One fine morning at that Kibbutz Ma aborot (where there where a number of originally New York based artists around) I step outside my room and find a shoe box full of tubes of acrylic paint and lots of brushes in front of my door. I knew whom they belong to and I asked that New York artist if she forgot it there but she said "No, I left them there for you because I saw you enjoy drawing sketches so I thought you could use my equipment as I am tired of being an artist"!
Well, I sure soon started using her stuff and the funny thing was that I instantly knew how this all works and how to paint whatever I wanted to.
Back then I already had an interest in art and it's history and I was mainly a fan of Salvador Dali and Rene Margritte and their surrealisstic paintings. So, my first paintings where of course in that same style as surrealism for me back then, smoking my occasional pipe or joint of haschisch, came more or less naturally. surrealistic chess game, acrylic painting on canvas
Again funny was that those paintings where an instant success around my friends and other people and they where basically sold before I even had time to think about selling any of them.
Eventually my then girl friend (a dutch girl from Arnhem who encouraged me very much with my artwork as she herself loved a sophisticated artistic life style) suggested I should join an art school somewhere back home in Europe. I went for that idea and soon I was back in Switzerland applying for 2 art schools in
A: Basel
B: Luzern.
I miserably failed both as there where hundreds of people wanting to get into a class that could only take 10 or so students.
Finally I also tried at the art school in Arnhem, Holland, where my girlfriend was living.
I also failed there, even worse, with the same scenario, 600 people for 5 study spots! So I kept on painting anyway, but now living in Basel, Switzerland where things where by far no longer as easy, positive and inspiring as they where in Israel, my painting style moved more into an experimental phase. First cubism, cubistic portrait, acrylic painting on paper and then just plain learning in quick sketching of humans atelier scenery at home in Klein-Basel, Switzerland, various sketches and acrylic paintings and still lifes still life, tempera on paper and slowly but surely I drifted into my own style.
It was then that I decided to go back to Israel and see how my painting would work back there again.
I went to En Hod, a village near Haifa, mainly populated by artists. It was again a very good creative phase. I painted strange 3 dimensional faces or fragments thereof in blue spaces, totally intuitive, almost animalistic.
Once back again in Basel I tried harder and harder to paint as intensive as in Israel but all I could come up with was more learning myself at a fantasy self portrait, acrylic painting on chipwood board and less inspiration. fantasy portrait, acrylic painting on paper, no full size image available
I knew something isn't going well but I did not know what - until my new girlfriend started to talk about astrology. "Hmm, that superficial stuff, what could an artist want with this" I thought, but I started to get curious anyway, and since the good City Library had plenty of intelligent books on astrology and how to learn to calculate and draw complete horoscope charts I got into it and if it was just to find out if this was all nothing but superstitious nonsense or had anything useful and factual to it.
Well, I soon learned who I really am and why my life and art work here in Basel are just a shadow of what it used to be in Israel. I was at the wrong place!
Once I got into the segment of Astrology where the "House-System" in a horoscope chart was of concern and I realized that such is calculated for the longitude and latitude of the global position a birth took place at I instantly asked myself what happens then if someone moves away from that place of birth?
Soon I figured out a theoretical system on how to re-calculate such changes and to adjust the house-system in a horoscope chart accordingly. This explained to me why I had a much better time in Israel than in Basel, simply a better house system to my radix planets constellation.
From then on I started to calculate more and more, to find the "perfect spot" on this planet for me.
Within my travel limits back then Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean area of Greece and Turkey looked the most promising to me and finally I decided to pack my stuff, paints and brushes and take off to a Greek Island that I had calculated before as being relatively good for me. This way I was at least able to see if my theoretical thoughts where right or wrong. Once arrived it seemed to me that I was pretty well right but things where still not exactly perfect, I had to learn something more, I had to learn that there is not only such a thing as a right place but also a right time. In astrological terms that would be called astrological transits (of the planets).
I went a few times back and forth between Switzerland Fantasy Hyppie portrait, acrylic painting on hardwood board and Greek Islands, Evening scenery at Agia Fotia, Greek Island of Crete, acrylic painting on packing paper no longer living in Basel but in the most north eastern section of Switzerland where I learned it is astrologically much better for me then in Basel - and it was, also for my artistic work. Fantasy Hyppie portrait, acrylic painting on hardwood board
Eventually I decided I really want to go now for the best place in the region rather then those "compromised" best spots on the Greek Islands.
This place was clearly Antalya, Turkey.
Turkey back in the 80's wasn't exactly a touristic spot yet and it was more known as a "wild" country to us in Switzerland then anything else, but I had to try it as the trips to the Greek Islands showed me that my theoretical calculations and thoughts where right.
I got there and it was a clear case of veni vidi vici. Just great, just good. I settled into a "pansion" and started pretty soon to paint and get creative and now it was all Rudolf Megert style and on big paper panels Scenery from my home in Antalya, Turkey, acrylic painting on packing paper rather then just small paintings.
For the next 3 years I would be all over the country of Turkey and in between also off and on "back in civilization" (Europe, Switzerland) and I would especially create good art work in Eskisehir, Mugla, Ruins of a house outside Mugla, Turkey, pencil drawing on paper Ankara, Konya-Eregli and of course Antalya.
It was so good in Antalya that I got interviewed one day by a turkish news paper reporter. He was interested in my art work, but once all my friends around the pansion told him about my astrological studies and he mentioned it to his editor the paper wanted to have an interview about astrology and they of course got one along with a photo and I appeared in the sunday issue of Gunes, then a big nation wide paper. Even at my Turkish bank they soon recognized me from that article and for a week or so I was pretty popular in town.
During all the time I was traveling cross country in Turkey and Turkish Cyprus Self Portrait at Famagusta, Turkish Cyprus, pencil drawing on paper I always studied every places impact on me and if it was as I calculated it before I actually traveled to such a particular place at a precisely checked time that would guarantee me the best time at the right place.
With the slowly accumulating knowledge and certainty of the correctness of my calculations I soon started to extend my research about places and their impact on me.
First some months in Damascus, Syria, My home / atelier in Damascus, Syria, with paintings all over the walls even better then Turkey from the artistic stand point, not so much from the presence of armed guards everywhere or the total lack of modern amenities like shopping malls or huge grocery stores or the often missing fresh milk, but it was like a 1001 Arabian nights fairy tale and I loved to paint as focused and quick as I could, a big painting had to be started and finished at the same day in those days and therefore I had to make astrologically sure I chose a good creative day and did do other things on complicated days.
Soon I expanded my horizon even further, this time not really anymore to a place that I knew it would be good but rather I didn't know exactly what it would be like as it had some house system situation I never experienced before.
I flew to Nairobi and drove from there basically to the Equator, to Nakuru, Kenya. That was a different experience and I did not do anything breath taking regarding paintings, just a few drawings. The experience was clearly to questionable to be called positive so I flew eventually back to Europe and started to try and explore some European countries as the Middle Eastern countries started to get a bit to dry for me (no chance to meet and get involved with girls etc.).
I checked out England, France, Germany and Austria. None of these countries where any better for me then Switzerland, especially not England or France, but France was at least a very very civilised country and I regard it still as the worlds most civilized country.
With all European countries however I had the same problem, if I was in Europe the magnetism of my home soil was way to big to keep me in Germany or Austria or anywhere else, I had to go back home.
Now that I was living in the Rhine Valley near the Lake of Constance in Switzerland my creativity level was still and constantly up, Lokk inside my situation, Arbon, Switzerland, acrylic painting on paper even though never as inspired as in Israel or Turkey or Damascus, but with my "toy", the global astrology as I started to call it my curiosity for new and better places was to strong to stop me from exploring new worlds.
Now I started to look west, to North America. The known gun slingers in the US where a bit to wild for me and I did also not find any specially great places in that country, so I found something in the "boonies", Canada's north, way up, where there is 8 months of winter. Well, I chose a summer to go there of course and it was once again veni vidi vici, everything went great, I made new friends, meet a woman once again - but didn't really do any art work.
After that summer I went back to Switzerland and changed my creativity into music and recorded a few songs, but then it was time for a full year exploration tour of the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States. Lots of traveling around and noteworthy for some small art work done where only Rouyn-Noranda, Self Portrait, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, pencil drawing on paper New Liskeard and North Bay in Ontario's north. Overall a bit disappointing this experience with the so called leading world societies Canada and USA, just not the same creative spirit as in Europe or the Middle East I found, and people weren't to eager to meet any strangers from overseas either, so I spent most of the time alone.
Back in Switzerland I started of course once again to search for new places where the grass could possibly be greener then back home. All the while I had become a real astrology professional with all my continuous astrological research which enabled me to successfully offer my astrological advice to the public. I had already done Horoscopes for people before in Switzerland as well as in Canada, but I felt the need for a new horizon coming up once again.
This time I came up with Australia, not a really great choice astrologically speaking, but also not to bad, in any case I had to try it.
It was a quite good lifestyle I found there, but within one year I made a mere 3 or 4 drawings, totally uncreative down under, too laid back.
After another year back home in Switzerland I went for one more year around the Great Lakes region, this time a bit more in the wider Toronto area and everything as south as possible in Canada to have the winter as mild as it could be in this part of the world.
This was the end of the 90's already and it was in Toronto where I made my first encounters with computers and the internet - and where I soon discovered the creative potential and challenge of this new media.
Like always, once interested nothing could stop me to get into it and paintings or drawing became soon nothing but a history, I was now creative online.
Since then I have been traveling around between Canada, the US, Mexico a bit and Australia and I have learned a lot about designing web pages and using all these programming languages like HTML web design, Flash movie designs, Java Script, CGI, PHP and graphic software programs to design images, web pages and web sites and i keep myself even pretty updated on Search Engine Optimization, until today, yet knowing somewhere sooner or later there will be a change coming once again.
Life is for learning and when you life in a situation where all you do is draw from your past wisdom without gaining any new experience or knowledge anymore then you begin to die inside out, that is no situation for a European, one never stops to learn is a true value.
Rudolf, 2003

fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery
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fine artist rudolf megert's online art gallery

Artist Rudolf Megert. My online gallery with acrylic paintings and pencil drawings is at: I am an artist.
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